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Best Recording experience! I've been to many recording studios in the Rochester area. This is the only one that I've seen consistent high quality work. Matt has a welcoming energy and a great positive vibe that I feel is super important in any recording situation. I have been doing studio work as a vocalist for over 20 years and I won't record my original music anywhere else in Rochester. This spot is the best!

Zahyia Rolle

We are recording our first EP here and Matt and the space are nothing but top notch professional. The Green Room is GREEN all the way!

Wil McKenna

I've been spending many hours in the Green Room lately, and I must say, it's excellent. Recordings are coming out great, and the snacks are on point. Very comfortable atmosphere. Excited to get back in there.

Jonathan Sheffer


Chris English

Matt is extremely competent, great to work with, and has an excellent ear and sensibility for music - So much so that I was comfortable with taking a hands off approach with the mixing and mastering processes and the results were great.

Ian Ellory Sherman

Excellent recording studio.

Jeffrey "Woody" Woodruff

Absolutely, some of the finest recordings I've heard from the upstate area.

Mike Stephen Johnston

very professional. This man is a genius when it comes to music. Always has a great attitude. Completely driven and dedicated to the vibe.

Eulie V

The Green Room on Humboldt is a gem. The location is quite with plenty of parking. The space is beautiful & comfortable. Most importantly Matt is really really good at his job. He is calm, listens, and is positive. He cares about the music and his finished product shows! I recommend this studio to any band out there weather it is your first album or your fifth. You won’t be disappointed.

Nikki Flowerz

I couldn't have picked a better studio for Dave DiPrimo Band's new album. Matt is crazy talented and a very cool person, the whole band had an exceptional experience. Great equipment, producer, affordability, the whole package.

Dave DiPrimo

Sam and Matt are super cool guys. If you need to lay tracks down then this is the place!

Melinda Miller

Matt has created an atmosphere that encourages creativity ....Warm , capable and forever nursing a smile....My experiences there were very productive...Saved a ton of time because we could use the gear on hand [ lots and lots of sweet amps ] Matt himself is unassuming but will interject from time to time and that is where the difference is....I know that I tend to wander...He Knows that Too and has squared me away When need be....I am booked there for at least 2 more sessions before Aug.

Greg Fiorino

The facilities and equipment are great. The guy at the booth is great. Matt knows what he is doing. Aside from being really good at what he does, he's also a genuinely great human being. He takes a vested interest in having musicians succeed because he is also a stellar musician.

Luke Perry

if you want to record, check out the master, and the green room...matt is all the way professional , and real people , with a ton of talent...

Torin Washington

"Ramski" as I like to call him, is as professional as they come.

Brandon Sheffer

I always make my dopest beats at The Green Room

Albert Einstein

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